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The Division Beta testing was extended with an additional 24 hours.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Ubisoft announced that the Division Beta testing was extended with 24 additional hours. The Beta was scheduled to end this on the 1st of February, but it was prolonged until the 2nd of February (CET 12 PM, PST 3 AM, EST 6 AM). This will give the players that have received late invitations a chance of better exploring the post-apocalyptical New York scene.

Ubisoft decided to extend the beta trial for the latest installment of the Tom Clancy series, The Division. The extension doesn’t come alone, though. The game developer also extended the number on beta testing invitations.

Players that did not make it in the first The Division Beta cut will be able to experience 24 hours of it if they were contacted by Ubisoft. According to the company, the invites were sent to those that had a pre-order access code. The receivers of the Division Beta testing invitations were chosen in the order in which they made their purchase, in order to avoid any conflict.

The beta testing was initially designed to last 3 days, 4 days for those who prefer the X-box. It seems that Ubisoft realized that the time was not enough for beta players to get a full taste of what the game has to offer, so they extended the period for one more day.

One of the reasons for Ubisoft’s decision might be the fact that they granted a restricted early access just to make sure that the game was running smoothly, with no bugs or glitches. After they (might have) patched up everything, they decided to make the beta testing available on a larger scale.

The Tom Clancy series are a massive multiplayer on-line first person shooter real-time tactics, squad-based tactics games. The story behind the latest Tom Clancy installment takes place in a post-apocalyptic town of New York.

The map available for the beta users featured a couple of important campaign missions, one of them actually unlocked the player’s operations base, the additional wings of the base that are upgradable throughout the game-play, a portion of the Dark Zone area and, since The Division Beta testing was extended, a lot of character progression, leveling, and loot.

The complete game will be launched on the 8th of March. Ubisoft believes that the game will be a success according to the beta feedback that the company has received.

All beta players that will purchase the entire game will be able to continue their missions without having to restart.

For those of you who weren’t granted access to the beta testing, you can check out the honest opinion video below.

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