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Facebook and Oculus Announce Release of New $99 Headset in 2016 – Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Coining the term “virtual reality” isn’t a recent move, as the idea has been floating around for decades. In fact, most people have the knowledge and some experience with some prototypes of this technology, even if they’ve dealt with the early iterations that emphasized the “virtual” more than the “reality” of it.

Even so, the ability to engage with objects and people within a reality that imitates our world has represented a long-standing fascination for engineers and enthusiasts alike. But over the last few years, the industry of virtual reality has leapt some huge steps, so much so that the technology has really come into its name.

Although the greatest strides can be seen in the realm of interactive entertainment – especially when it comes to the prevalence 3D technology – virtual reality is also used in a lot of other domains, such as strategy planning, architecture, medicine, physical therapy, and others.

The next big question is whether virtual reality can make it big in the field of home entertainment, but in a practical way that would justify its usage. Well, Facebook is ready to make virtual reality an actual reality, and some of its recent efforts are starting to pay off.

It’s not new that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is keen on pushing virtual reality as the next major thing in computing platforms, as he’s been quoted on multiple occasions on his interest in advancing this technology. He also stated that Facebook “is committed to [virtual reality] for the long term,” wanting to serve this community with the best of their work.

In that respect, Facebook partnered with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality so as to acquire their development in headset technology for more expansive usage. Even though Oculus’ focus might have been on video games – not officially, however – Facebook said their headset could greatly transform the way we use internet, using their headset for new interactive social media processes.

Enough talk on the matter; Facebook actually has something to show for with their new headset that’s set to release sometime next year. Wanting to make the technology more available for the common consumer, Facebook and Oculus Rift VR have announced they are working on a new device that will sell for only $99.

Users will be able to use it to play a variety of video games, which means the targeted audience is rather wide. Good luck fighting Microsoft’s Xbox, Zuckerberg!
Image Source: Tech Guru Daily

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