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Facebook Becomes Serious Competition for YouTube in Video Advertising • Mirror Daily

So far, YouTube has had an undisputed monopoly on internet advertising via video format, but Facebook is rapidly coming closer and closer, becoming a worthy alternative for major brands which look for ways to market their products in the online.

According to a published report, video marketing is the number one fastest-growing advertising method when it comes to the Internet. It’s not the first type of advertising where Facebook and Google are fighting to stay or become number one, and competing for video viewers comes on top of that.

Video advertising is understandably on the rise, given its general appeal to both international and young consumers – which make up the majority of Internet users. According to a study conducted by Ampere Analysis, a service focusing on media research, Facebook and Google are at the start line and prepared to ready, set, go on a new advertising race.

It will be a fair race, as both rivals boast impressive audiences around 1.3 billion and 1.4 billion active users each month for YouTube and Facebook, respectively. For said users, the “race” will mean being exposed to more ads, but also enjoy better quality videos.

Separate research conducted by ZenithOptimedia predicted that by 2017, the internet will beat TV advertising to its own game by winning over 12 important markets. It means internet advertising will take over 28 percent of global ad spending, which is estimated to be worth $531 billion by the end of this year.

During 2014, the category of online video has seen the fastest growth by 33 percent, and Zenith predicts it will grow another 30 percent until 2017. In the Ampere Analysis report, Facebook is presented as the go-to platform for “pre-roll” advertisements.

Instead of only offering a medium where advertisers can build general brand awareness, marketing companies are now using Facebook as a tool to make sure their messages actually reach the customers from the general public.

In spite of Facebook’s rapid gain, YouTube is still the marketing platform that offers the greater flexibility, by giving marketers their own space to run video ads, be it before, during or after the user has seen a video.
Image Source: iProspect

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