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Facebook Intends to Protect You Through Chat ID Changes • Mirror Daily

While it may be the case that Facebook has not gotten so much attention in the most recent period of time in connection to the problems of online harassment and privacy violation over the internet as the other social giant Twitter has, still such problems represent a very delicate problem when it comes to the world`s most amazing social platform. Even if Facebook deals in a relatively proper way with the abuses that occur in any space all over the world wide web, the social giant led by Mark Zuckerberg as chief executive officer has got some plans to enhance the way in which its 2 billion users communicate. The most recent news on the matter announce that Facebook intends to protect you even more, by implementing some modifications to the chat ID of Messenger.

So Facebook intends to keep marriage proposals from people you may have never heard of away from you. And i n order to proceed doing so, the social platform thought of giving you some clues in connection to who the person might be, what the person`s social status may look like or where you could have met the person, if there was to be such a case.

Facebook will from now on show some bio information about the person that you are chatting with. For example, they will include their job title or the current city they live in and also other kinds of info that you might find relevant when you are chatting on FB Messenger in the person`s chat ID.

This enhancement to the Messenger has already been integrated to both iOS and Android run mobile devices and it has been live for a while now in several countries like India, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The additional bio information that Facebook intends to present will be featured whenever you receive a message from an unknown person, or more precisely, a person with whom you are not friends on Facebook. According to the giant social platform, this might improve the communication between Facebook users, firstly by giving you hints related to who the person might be and secondly by avoiding unnecessary conversations like the ones in which you ask the seemingly unknown person who they are or where you met them.

The update will use the bio information on the profiles of people you are not friends with. When they first message you, their job or current city will appear next to their account name.

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