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Facebook Is Not Being Abandoned by Youngsters • Mirror Daily

Facebook is an undefended champion when it comes to the monthly traffic on the social network.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – In 2015, the media and a significant number of investors were anticipating a mass exodus of millennials from Facebook. But the data shows that Facebook is not being abandoned by youngsters, on the contrary, they spend more time on the social network than on Snapchat, its main competitor.

Every trend has its end. And the media and the investors were afraid that Facebook’s demise was just around the corner. But they were wrong. Facebook is not being abandoned by youngsters, on the contrary, they spend more time on it than they do on any other social platform.

According to a study, internet dwellers that were born after the 80s are still using their Facebook account regularly. Even though they are now in their thirties, they did not abandon their favorite social media website.

Furthermore, the same study concluded that millennials spend two and a half more times as many minutes on Zuckerberg’s platform than they do on Snapchat, Facebook’s main competitor.

Facebook is not being abandoned by youngsters, on the contrary, they generate roughly $340 billion per year for the company.

The data used by the report comes from comScore, a US company that analyzes Internet trends. The analytics company showed the amount of internet users with ages between 18 and 34. It also gathered information on the frequency with which the targeted audience uses social media platforms.

As of December last year, approximately one hundred percent of all individuals that live in the United States and that are aged 18 to 34, were active on Facebook.

The same study showed that owners of Facebook accounts spend an average of 1,000 minutes per month on the social network. The second social platform is Snapchat with almost 400 minutes per month.

Furthermore, the data collected by the researchers showed that people aged 35 and older are as active on Facebook as the younger generations. The difference being that they are not interested in any other site other than the now classic social network.

The media and the investors were scared that Facebook will no longer be appealing to the younger generations because they are now flooded with some other social media platforms. But Facebook is not being abandoned by youngsters; they are not ready to leave the mothership and embrace other, less meaningful websites.

Snapchat may be fun, but it can’t offer all that Zuckerberg’s platform can, not even Twitter can rise to the challenge. There is still lots of life remaining in the social network.

Image source: Flickr

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