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Facebook Is Reportedly Developing a News App Called Notify • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Facebook is diving even deeper in the news business as the giant networking platform is reportedly developing a news app called Notify.

In yet another attempt to keep its users engaged with its products – and to lure them away from competition such as Twitter – Facebook seems ready to launch a news app by October’s end.

A new media report revealed the app would allow users to amass all their favorite content into real-time notifications. News publications that will ink partnerships with Facebook will be given the ability to create personalized notifications for the mobile platform, something like a mega-tweet.

Clicking on the notification will redirect users to the publication’s website. But this is not by far the first time Facebook has looked for ways to become more than just a social network – be it the most popular in the world.

This new app will send users notifications based on what organizations they have subscribed to; this way, users are constantly connected to what interests them, being notified each time their subscriptions promote a new story throughout the day. Such a service is bound to give Facebook a big boost in becoming a multi-functioning platform, instead of staying a mere social network.

Whatever Facebook is doing, it’s doing it the best; according to statistics, there are few other media companies and networks that managed to create such well-designed smartphone apps that their followers would actually use. Facebook’s Messenger app is a clear example of the tech giant’s ability to stay relevant for its users.

Their strategy increases the possibility of users actually reading more articles through Facebook media networks that have strong app presences, including the New York Times, Washington Post and BuzzFeed. Notify might just be the app that helps them direct the firehose of social media users in the right direction.

In addition to the increased traffic the app is designed to bring in, Notify will also represent Facebook’s challenge for its rival social network, Twitter. Last week, the 140-character platform launched Moments, a new feature that allows Twitter to aggregate tweets into different categories, such as sports and breaking news.

With Notify, news and media companies will get another opportunity to create their own Facebook moments and promote their content which will ultimately attract more readers. So watch out, Twitter; Facebook is looking to dip its fingers into your revenue.
Image Source: The Next Web

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