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Facebook Lets You Endorse Political Candidates • Mirror Daily

Forget about the secret vote and post it on Facebook with the help of the Endorse feature.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Facebook, the social media platform that is the best place for sharing photos, making friends, and keeping up with your friends has a new feature that matches the most important event of 2016: the Presidential Elections. In order to show its support for the event, Facebook lets you endorse political candidates.

What does that mean? Well if you have a strong opinion and think that everybody will like to see your political view on Facebook you can do that by choosing your candidate and hit the endorse button.

Facebook has begun its activity as a simple social media platform that was supposed to get people together and now it turned into a place for people to talk and argue about politics. To make things even more interesting, from now on when elections come you can choose any candidate and pick the favorite while also flaunting your choice to everybody.

The new feature is very simple to use. You just go to the profile of the candidate that you support, select the Endorsement tab and hit Endorse. After you complete this step you can share it with your friends and family. In order to make things even more interesting, Facebook allows users to complete their pick with a message.

This means that users can say why they chose to support the respective candidate, why they think it is the best option, and what they expect from him or her. Of course, users can also write something about the opponent of their preferred candidate. By doing this, they share their thoughts on both campaigns.

After adding this new feature, Facebook wanted to make sure that users who endorse a certain candidate understand that when they share the post, it will be seen on the candidate’s page as well.

The best part of the new option is that it not limited to this election season. People can vote their favorite candidates in the next political debates and campaigns. Despite this, the feature is available only if the candidates want to enable it.

This means that political debates are the new thing on Facebook these days. Let’s hope that everything stays under control and everybody uses an appropriate language when they decide to endorse political candidates.

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