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Facebook Lite: Solution for Slow Internet Connection with Data Usage Optimization • Mirror Daily

Facebook Inc. has found a solution for the problem of slow internet connection which would cause the traditional Facebook app to take its time with loading.

The new Android-only app called Facebook Lite is an alternative that optimizes data in places with weak connection while also using less cellular data. Following the tech company’s announcement, the new app is designed to roll out in the countries across Asia and also in parts of Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

Unlike the 4G networks available in most of the developed nations, Vijay Shankar, product manager for Facebook Lite, explained in an interview that in many of those countries, only the ol’ slow 2G is available. The new social network service comes with a better and faster alternative, surpassing the spotty Internet connections.

Facebook Lite was optimized to offer the same full Facebook experience, but with only less than one-half of a megabyte of data. This aspect was important, as we all know that having a weak connection usually means more data usage, so the company tried to make the new app available in emerging markets.

In order to make this possible, the tech giant made a few changes; while the News Feed is still supported in the new app, as well as notifications, status updates, and photos, designers chose to opt out from support for videos and location services.

It is not surprise that the new app would be Android-only. Facebook is targeting the countries entering the online for the first time, which in general means they have very low incomes.

Therefore, it is to be expected that new users will be accessing Facebook Lite from smartphones using Google’s OS, which come in a much cheaper price than the higher-class of iPhones.

Facebook Lite is not the first initiative that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has planned for the expansion of the world’s largest social network. In partnership with six others technology partners, Zuckerberg is developing, a platform attempting to connect more than 4.5 billion people to the Internet.

A company spokesperson gave a statement to the Wall Street Journal explaining that these two projects are, however, not directly related. In recent weeks, the progress we have expected from has become delayed.

According to critics, Zuckerberg’s wonder platform is not in line with net neutrality – the principle stating all data should receive equal treatment – arguing against his plans of offering a basic package at no cost.
Image Source: cnet

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