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Facebook Looking for Brain-Computer Interface Engineer • Mirror Daily

Facebook is now looking for a brain-computer interface engineer for brain-reading tech.

In other news, it would seem like Facebook’s looking for a way to read human thoughts. At least this is what suggests a list of rather peculiar job opening announcements recently posted by Zuckerberg’s company.

According to a recent job opening list posted by Facebook’s Building 8, the company is currently on the lookout for a brain-computer interface engineer, an audio engineer, and an engineer to work on a new and non-invasive neuroimaging technique.

However, the job opening announcements are quite explicit when it comes to the nature of the work. For instance, the job posting for the brain-computer interface engineer reads that the candidate must have at least one Ph.D. in neurosciences and that he or she must be willing to partake in a project that will take at least two years.

As for the audio engineer, according to Facebook’s job description announcement, the individual must be willing to create processing algorithms for audio signals using by novel computing platforms. The other job openings require skilled engineers to partake in the creation of a new type of neuroimaging system, which will be non-invasive.

In other words, Facebook is looking for talented people to create brain-scanning technologies. Naturally, when confronted with the perspective of Facebook being able to read the minds of its users, Zuckerberg chose to remain silent, saying only that the company is preparing something new and amazing.

Could this be the end of online privacy? Zuckerberg thinks not. In a press conference held back in 2015, Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, and CEO revealed how the future would look like from his point of view. Zuckerberg said that one day, users would be able to tell each other what they feel and what they think with the use of technology.

How does this work? Facebook’s founder explained that a user simply has to think of something to say, and the other user will receive it in the blink of an eye. It’s that easy and elegant.

However, the perspective of being telepathically connected to another human being through social media platform raises one big question: how can I be sure that the thoughts remain my own and that the company won’t be able to eavesdrop on what I’m thinking?

Unfortunately, we are still far from being able to answer this question. We’ll need to sit tight and wait to see how this thing plays out.

Image source: Pixabay

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