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Facebook Messenger Is Coming To Mac

Facebook messenger reached 800 million monthly active users

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After a leaked online photo, rumors have started swirling around that Facebook Messenger is coming to Mac as its own standalone app. The social media giant has experimented in the past with such technologies, and they’re now tackling a new platform.

The purpose is likely to create an app that would be dedicated to Mac, similar to what they did for iOS devices in 2011. However, given the aspect of the alleged app with features such as ‘Recent’, ‘Groups’, ‘People’ and others, it may be that the Messenger might not be so alone after all. In fact, it appears that the web version of the famous chat will remain alongside the actual instant messaging service.

The project has become an option for the future since 2012, when Facebook added a Messenger app for Windows. At the time, they announced that they’re “busy working on Messenger for Mac”. Three years later and it appears that there is no such promised app on the market. And that seemed to be the end of it.

Last year in April, Facebook fueled that belief when they launched the standalone web client for their popular Messenger. The lid seemed to have closed on third party apps. Instead, they will remain as integrated into smartphone devices on iOS or Android, and an online chatting service. At least until now.

The leaked photo brought back the possibility of a separate app for Mac. It remains unclear so far if the service will launch, as the company has been known for developing apps that never make it out. No spokesperson for the social media giant was inclined to comment on the rumors or offer any insight into future plans. The photo shows potential for such an app to appear, but Facebook is staying quiet on it.

It may be that the company is in the process of trying to boost both popularity and availability of their already successful app. Recently, it was announced that Facebook Messenger reached the milestone of 800 million monthly active users. The only messaging app in the world that surpass their performance is WhatsApp, with 900 million monthly active users.

To be noted, WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook, so it’s unlikely that they’re weeping over the second place silver medal currently strapped to Facebook Messenger’s chest. With two of the world’s most popular messaging apps, it appears that the social media giant is all set. That doesn’t mean they will settle for their current success though.

If anything, we can always count on Facebook to find new ways to attract more users.

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