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Facebook Messenger Platform to Feature In-App Third-Party Games • Mirror Daily

Facebook’s Messenger service has been nothing if not continuously improved during the past few months. A new report claims that the mobile Messenger app might soon make it available to play games within the app itself.

Information came from three inside sources which have knowledge about the company’s plans via a report from The Information. According to them, Facebook is in the stage of negotiating with developers, but a release timeline is yet to be disclosed.

Facebook’s Ilya Sukhar is the one put in charge of making this product available on Messenger’s platform, and she confirmed such plans are not only rumors.

Introducing independent games inside the app seems like the next logical step for the multibillionaire tech company, considering that it is an integrant part of Facebook’s social platform – millions of users would be engaged in an instant.

This is still a baby project, and details are limited; when rollout will approach, we should expect Facebook to surface some more facts. The report also pointed out the fact that a new service in the games business offers immense opportunities for revenue.

A Facebook spokesperson has talked to Mashable, explaining that allowing developers to add apps focused on content creation is what befits the Messenger Platform the best.

However, as a strategy part of an international creative collaboration meant the platform became open to outside developers a few weeks ago. Facebook is excited to see what they will come up with, and build on their suggestions.

Back in March, the new Messenger Platform was revealed and started accepting third-party developers as app creators for Facebook.

According to The Information, the tech giant focused on increasing user engagement on the apps already existing on the Facebook Messenger platform, but the new strategy will broaden the apps availability, soon to cover games as well.

Whatever Facebook has in the works for Messenger, more than 600 million users are watching him intently. And for good reason, as messaging apps are in a tight competition nowadays: WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, Skype and other popular messaging services are not lagging when it comes to building usership.

Many changes happened as Facebook tests various applications for its messaging service, such as allowing users to send money to friends.

Rumors talk about another feature in testing: voice transcription that enables users to send voice messages which come with automatically typed-out text. Facebook Messenger has received its own standalone Web version that launches from the website
Image Source: Softonic

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