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Facebook Modified the Algorithm of the News Feed, Again

Facebook modified the algorithm of the News Feed, again, in order to provide a better customer experience.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to a post on its official blog, Facebook modified the algorithm of the news feed, again. This time, the news feed will not show you what you previously clicked on, or enjoyed, but it will try to bring to your feed things that it considers should be of interest to you.

Facebook managed to keep the attention of a generation that just can’t concentrate. Teens are more focused on their news feed than they are in class, or when engaging in real life conversations. This is because the company uses complex algorithms that bring to the attention of the user only certain posts from people or pages he has interacted with before.

Until now the algorithm was based on the likes and comments a person gave to a post from a friend or a page, but now, after testing a new, more complex, and more efficient technique, Facebook will decide what to bring to your newsfeed according to everything you have clicked on in the past.

They are trying to make the “home page” more attractive by choosing only stories that could be of interest to the user. The company will continuously monitor the likes and comments a person gives in order to better decide what to bring to the top of the newsfeed and what to hide.

If this sounds a bit scary, don’t despair. Facebook will also allow users to pick who they see on their newsfeed. For the moment, this feature is only available for iOS users, but it seems it will be adapted for other platforms pretty soon.

The section is called “News Feed Preferences” and it will allow the owner of the social media account to choose the people and pages that will have a priority on appearing on the news feed. The user will be able to select up to 30 different accounts. Every time that a post of one of the accounts will appear on the feed, it will be accompanied by a star, to remind the user that the account was prioritized.

It seems that Facebook wants to decide what we should see, and what not. And things will get even more controlled after the new “reactions” buttons will be made available to the general public. Facebook will not only know what things we find interesting, but they will also know how we feel about them.

The reactions will give them an easier way of calculating our desires. Also, it will give it an opportunity to select the ads that will best appeal to the user because let us not forget that 80 percent of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile advertisements.

Facebook modified the algorithm of the news feed, again, so it can offer a “better experience” to the users. The “reactions buttons” fall into the same category.

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