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Facebook Moments Update: Video-Making Feature Rolls Out • Mirror Daily

Facebook Moments is already some months old in the US, but it has finally been launched in India as well. The photo-sharing app can now be downloaded by users in India for both Android and iOS via Google Play and the App Store.

Meanwhile, Facebook hasn’t been idling – it has already come up with an update for the app, making it available for users to create a flowing montage of photos. The feature is automatically available for any six pictures or more, complete with background music. The company has announced the update won’t be rolling out all at once, but in phases.

All that users have to do is tap on the in-app video and get creative; they can also personalize the version offered by the app by removing or adding more images, as well as selecting from the 10 background music files that fit different scenarios and events.

Once the user is pleased with the final video, they can share it on Facebook; the tagging feature available on the main app has been lent to Moments’ videos as well. The announcement of the update and the presentation of the feature have been made public through a video uploaded on Vimeo.

Since it’s already synced with the user’s Facebook account, Moments can offer suggestions for friends’ tags; the app will also request permission to access the photos on the device in use. Making a video out of a group of photos and sharing it straight on Facebook doesn’t get easier than this.

However, it is worth noting that the app has still got a way to go before it integrates some features. For example, the videos created can be currently shared only on the mother-app and not on any other social media platform. Future updates will surely bring sharing options, as Facebook has proved a pro in providing constant upgrades and improvements.

Moreover, customization is still lacking big time, as users can only add and remove images from the video. The Moments app has yet to incorporate options like video filters or photo editing tools.

Besides the major video feature, Facebook has also rolled out some minor tweaks here and there in the Moments app. Moments can now be created from scratch, the photo uploads progress can be checked and the range of languages for the app has increased to 34.

One of the greatest competitors when it comes to its Moments app is Google Photos, whose ‘Assistant’ feature offers users similar options, but somewhat more advanced.
Image Source: iFree Press

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