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Facebook Partners with Nine Media Trusts to Release Instant Articles • Mirror Daily

Based on a report released by spokespersons of the social network on Wednesday, Facebook partners with nine media trusts to release Instant Articles, a new feature that will better organize content on the online platform.

Facebook partnered with nine major media companies on Wednesday to launch a new interactive program called Instant Articles. The app is meant to reduce the time that people normally require to access the articles that have been published online by the news organizations.

Among the media giants that have manifested their interest for Instant Articles are the New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC News and the Atlantic. BBC News, Spiegel, The Guardian and Bild have also agreed to sign the deal with the famous social network. However, other press trusts might be interested in the future, as well.

Chris Cox, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, explained the press that the new feature was necessary as the social media needs to improve its search timings. According to the engineer, Facebook users might refrain from searching articles on the social media as the query takes too much time to load the search results on the page.

Not only users will benefit of Instant Article, but also media trusts. Cox further declared that the program makes it easier for press companies to upload and share news on Facebook. In addition, the app guarantees better control, bigger brand experience and monetization possibilities.

Similar to other features that have been recently released by the social network, Instant Articles allows users to better organize the news articles they choose to read. Moreover, users can also listen or watch sound and video files.

Despite the numerous new apps, Facebook remains a social network meant to help people share their photos. As a consequence, Instant Article users can view pics, zooming them in or out with a simple tilt of the screen.

Mark Zuckerberg has made many other announcements this week as the young manager is willing to refresh the looks and feel of its online platform. The 30-year-old manager announced on Tuesday that Facebook will receive a new option, namely, the “Add a Link” feature.

“Add a Link” was created with the sole intention to separate Facebook from Google’s well-known and established dominion. Zuckerberg has repeatedly stressed in the past that the company plans to detach itself from other Internet-based companies and many efforts have been carried out with this intention.

“Add a Link” acts as a substitute for Google’s web browsers. Users simply type the information they are interested in the small box and the results will immediately unfold.
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