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Facebook Rolls Major Update for Profile Pictures: Temporary and Looped-videos • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Large audiences – such as the one boasted by Facebook – don’t just maintain interest on their own, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows that.

In order to keep the network lively, Facebook has introduced some very interesting updates to user profiles. With 1.23 billion users, the giant network can’t afford to slack behind, so the new features have already started rolling out for some testing users.

Probably the most important new feature is the fact that Facebook has added the ability for users to change their profile pictures into profile videos. Sound included, all you need to do is tap on the record button and film for up to 7 seconds that will play in a loop. Auto-playing works as with other videos on the platform – soundless unless clicked on.

After uploading it, the users will be asked to choose a cover image for the short video that will appear everywhere – except your profile page. According to Aigerim Shorman, Facebook product manager, this gem was discovered during a team brainstorm, and it was picked for its attribute of “bringing one’s the profile to life.”

If you instantly thought of Harry Potter newspapers – with pictures coming to life – that’s exactly what the network’s team was aiming for. Some examples were released of Facebook employees blowing air in their faces, dropping hats onto their heads, or slowly cracking a subtle smile.

Profile pics have received another update in the form of temporary snaps. A feature that was only a rumor weeks ago was now made official. Basically, Facebook now allows users to set a new profile picture – one that promotes a cause, for example – that will be reverted to your old one after a limited number of hours, days, or weeks.

Improvement has also made its way into the way users can present themselves on their profile pages. With featured photos, anyone can select up to five posted pictures that will be pinned at the top of their profile. The user’s identity is way easier to figure out for when, say, someone is considering a friend request they were sent.

Last but not least, Facebook has made a new move in the way it targets users with ads. The top of your profile will also include privacy controls. Rather than having to dig them out of the About section, friends can see them in big letters as soon as they enter your profile page – including the new 100-character Bio field. Better descriptions mean better ad-targeting, and isn’t that what Facebook is all about?
Image Source: iDigital Times

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