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Facebook Soon to Make the Dislike Button a Reality – Mirror Daily

How many times were you distraught about having to “Like” someone’s sad post on Facebook about their dying pet, and then quickly comment “Like for support”? According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, you won’t have to do that anymore, as the long-awaited “Dislike” button is sure to become a reality.

Get ready to see an alternative to the famous “Like” button with its thumbs up sign, as Facebook’s co-founder and chief executive has confirmed on Tuesday that a testing version is soon to be shipped on some Facebook accounts. However, don’t expect the new button to be simply a thumbs-down silhouette, as Mr. Zuckerberg suggested it might be more nuanced than that.

So is Facebook – the world’s largest social media platform – about to become more negative and less friendly? With so many people able to express their own opinions freely, Mr. Zuckerberg is concerned about the scenario of someone sharing something important to them, and then have it receive down-votes.

In spite of the potential disadvantages the young CEO presented when he announced the project at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, the users’ voices were finally heard. When a great majority of the 1.5-billion followership keeps on requesting for an appropriate way to express empathy with something sad or tragic, the leadership might as well listen to them.

The “Like” button is currently the only option of people showing support – while “Comment” and “Share” require more time than the common user is willing to spend – and it doesn’t feel comfortable to use it for all posts. That’s how Mr. Zuckerberg was convinced to start the works on other options.

Having a “Dislike” button is a polarizing debate among Facebook users. Some think there is enough hate on social media as it is, and this button would only add to that. Others believe it would bring a broader range of opinions on Facebook posts, even is some feelings get hurt in the process.

As far as Facebook’s business goes, selling ads and the dislike button could be a good and a bad match at the same time. On one side, the level of post engagement with could increase dramatically, raising the number of ads users see; on the other hand, however, the down-voting could put marketers off, as they would much rather prefer to have their messages surrounded by happy feelings.

The concerns over the possible outcome of this new feature have been discusses over and over by Mr. Zuckerberg and his team, but maybe it will be a good thing to let people express their emotions and thoughts in other ways than by just “liking.”
Image Source: The Logical Indian

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