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Facebook's 'Donate Now' Button Is Not Really for Donations • Mirror Daily

There are various steps that the philanthropic user must make before he/she can actually place a donation through Facebook’s ‘Donate Now’ button.

Although there has been much hype over Facebook’s recent initiative for NGOs, additional explanations have revealed that Facebook’s ‘Donate Now’ button is not really for donations. According to spokespersons, the button is in fact a call to action link.

Facebook announced the introduction of a new ‘Donate Now’ button at the beginning of the week. Its purpose: to facilitate users’ support for NGOs and non-profit campaigns that are carried out with the help of the social network.

As a matter of fact, previous surveys have revealed that Facebook is one of the most efficient media when it comes to raising awareness on a social causes. The efficiency of the social network was proved during the 2013 campaigns for the American Cancer Society and The Red Cross. The two organizations received back then great support for their program due to their presence on Facebook.

Moreover, many more funds were raised due to the ‘Donate Now’ button, which Facebook posted on the social pages of the two NGOs. Given its past success, developers have resumed this technique once again and decided to permanently add the ‘Donate Now’ button on their website.

Based on spokespersons’ declarations, Facebook decided it was time to make its network more socially responsible because many campaigns are carried out with its support. Therefore, users, who want to donate to their favorite non-profit organizations can simply press the ‘Donate Now’ button displayed on the NGOs’ pages.

Yet, users will be surprised to see that no actual donations can be placed with the said button. A distinctive page will pop-up saying that Facebook is not partnering for the current fundraising. The philanthropic user is afterwards, directed on the official website of the NGO where he/she can place its donation on a secured web page.

Even though the button does not do what Facebook’s reps declared it would, namely, to give them the possibility to make donations without leaving the page, the ‘Donate Now’ button is welcomed, nonetheless. It is an effective call to action that captures users’ attention and convinces them to make a donation, NGOs have stated.

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