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Fake Apps Flooding Apple’s iStore • Mirror Daily

Fake apps contain a malware script that can steal your personal info.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – ‘Tis almost that time of the year where everybody’s rushing to buy the perfect gift for someone special and when fake apps pop out of the blue to spoil away some of that Christmas cheer.

According to several online security publications, several fake apps have spotted on Apple’s online store just waiting for its next sucker. What are these apps and how they harm us?

Let’s say you’ve seen a nice pair of shows at a Puma shop, and you want to buy them for yourself or your SO. But you just can’t swing by to the shop because you’re too busy with work or something. What’s the easiest solution? Online shopping, of course.

So, you would naturally head over to Apple’s store and search for the Puma application to browse through the inventory. But one simple search string generates so many applications, which you can’t tell them apart.

This is how fake apps or clones work.  The developer creates an application that mimics the original app down to the last detail, inventory and icon included. After downloading and installing the application on your device, the fake app will inject a malware script into your phone while you’re busy deciding what to buy.

So, after browsing for some time you see that particular pair of shoes. What do you do next? Finish your order by supplying payment and delivery details. The apps register your personal info like address, phone number, and bank account details, and while you’re waiting for your product, the app’s developer empties your bank account.

Unfortunately, over the years, many Apple and Android users alike have fallen prey to such mobile scams. And with so many apps out there that resemble the original who can tell them apart? A good example that can illustrate the situation is to search for something like Candy Crush or Fallout Shelter.

Apart from the original game you will literally hundreds of counterfeit products, each of them trying to mimic the original product either by borrowing the icon or description.

How can you guard yourself against fake apps? One advice would be to download the mobile application directly from the company’s website. That way you’ll be sure that you get the real deal. Another way to avoid scammers is to take a closer look at the application itself.

Look at comments sections, function, the size of the package. Each of these items can indicate if the app is legit or not. With these in mind, we wish you a scam-free holiday.

Image source: Pixabay

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