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Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes and Experts Know Why • Mirror Daily

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX was not successful.

(Mirror Daily, United States) The explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket occurred two months ago (September 1), in Cape Canaveral, where the launch pad was located. The spacecraft owned by private agency SpaceX must have had some fueling issues. Researchers state that fabrication flaws are out of the question.

SpaceX officials are sure that something went wrong during the preparations for filling the tanks. That was the moment of the explosion. There are no other clues that should suggest another type of error with the system or the design, as specialists explain.

Researchers have been trying to figure out what caused the explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket. For the time being, all the leads point out that one of the helium tanks is to blame. A team of specialists was in charge of rebuilding a similar tank in order to observe how it works, especially if put under pressure and simulated conditions that may lead to an explosion.

According to official statements from SpaceX, carbon and helium might have mixed within the tank during the filling process. The reaction between the two gasses might have caused the explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket.

The helium tank seems to be the main factor which led to the explosion of the SpaceX rocket. However, the specialists want to make sure they rule out all possible explanations. The efforts of the team will now be channeled in two directions. One of them is finding the precise cause of the fire, while the other is coming up with a safe solution of charging the rocket.

The failure of the Falcon 9 rocket per se is not the only delicate issue that SpaceX had to deal with. The company also had a daring plan of spreading Facebook worldwide with the help of satellites in space. One of the first regions that should have benefited from the action was Africa. However, neither the rocket nor the satellite survived the explosion. The launch pad was also severely affected by the fire.

SpaceX is not alone in its mission of discovering the cause of the fire. Important agencies such as NASA, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Air Force are helping them too.

Further plans of SpaceX include developing a larger spacecraft. It is part of a large project, and they also intend to send astronauts into space.

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