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Family Profiles is available only in Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta for the moment.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The family profiles from Uber is perfect for families. The company announced that there will be a limited launch of their latest feature that allows all iOS users to pay for the rides of up to ten riders, no matter if they are family or friends.

If you were worried about your children not having enough money to pay for a car ride, or that your elderly parents or grandparents are not so into the modern car share transportation method, then fear no more.

The family profiles from Uber is perfect for families. No matter who you consider being a part of the loving group, be they your siblings, parents, grandparents, children, friends or even co-workers. Now you are able to pay for their Uber rides on a single, monthly bill.

Uber is just getting better and better. First, the idea of car sharing brought a lot of jobs with a flexible program on the market. Then they transformed the tedious action of calling for a cab into literally a push of a button.

Now they are offering a new feature that allows the bill paying member of the family to control the Uber rides of his or hers loved ones. Just by installing the Family Profiles feature, the bill-paying, hard-working individual will not have to worry about not making the pick-up time from last night’s sleep over.

The basic idea of the new feature introduced by the car sharing company is simple. The person who wants to be in charge of the paying method installs the “Family Profiles” app. Then he or she sets up an account with billing addresses, method of payment, etc.

After that, the user will be able to add up to ten people to the app. The riders must all have Uber profiles. After being added to the group, the members will then be able to call for an Uber from their own device any time they want.

But after the ride is over, they will not have to pay for it immediately. The person that sets up the account will receive a monthly bill and detailed receipts on his or hers mobile device every time a group member uses an Uber vehicle.

Family profiles from Uber is perfect for families with a single car, or with two working adults that sometimes don’t have the time to offer rides themselves. It’s also a great way of making sure that no matter the situation, your loved ones will always be able to catch a ride home.

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