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Primal takes you back to the Stone Age when wild animals still roamed the valleys of Europe.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Primal, the fifth installment of the Far Cry franchise travels back into the past. So back that the developers needed the help of linguists in order to accurately render the Indo-European language spoken by the characters. Ubisoft has created a merciless world so prepare yourself to be savage at heart in the new Far Cry.

Ubisoft already explored hidden islands populated by madmen and guerrilla wars. The fourth installment, while turning out to be a decent play, didn’t bring much novelty in the gaming world. That’s when the game developing company decided to go primal.

Takkar, the main character of the game is a rough, tough, Stone Age killing machine. The action takes place in the Mesolithic period somewhere in Central Europe. The characters of the game refer to the valley where most of the action goes down as Oros.

From the first minutes of the game, you find out that your tribe, the Wenja, is in grave danger and you must defend them from the evils of a cannibalistic red tribe and a fire-wielding blue one. The names of the tribes are not that important seeing as the characters are already color-coded and you can easily differentiate them.

The beginning of the game finds you stranded in the Oros valley after your hunting party was ambushed and decimated. You have no choice but to use your new animal whisperer powers and find your way back to more populated grounds.

While you will journey across the luscious lands you will encounter various creatures from exotic and extinct sabretooth tigers to black panthers, bears and even badgers that you will use to your own advantage.

One of Takkar’s greatest strengths is the power to talk to wild animals.

The best thing about Primal must be the animals. The whole beast master thing gives you the ability to raid a village while riding on a woolly mammoth. You can shoot a flaming arrow at a bear and set it loose among your opponents. Remember the mission with the black panther in Far Cry 3? That was extremely easy as opposed to what’s waiting for you in Primal.

But it wouldn’t be much of an action game without bombs and guns and stealth missions. Ubisoft tried to remain as historically accurate as they could while not confining the weapons range to a club and an arrow.

Players will be able to use “bee bombs” in order to distract their enemies. Also, as you advance you will be able to acquire different weapon-constructing skills. One of the coolest weapons you will build will be the double bow and arrow which can be used to kill two enemies at a time.

There are also additional weapons that you can construct from rare materials, but too many details will spoil your fun.

All in all, Primal is as it was marketed. It’s savage, it’s fun, it’s going to test your nerves and offer you a very high-quality visual and gaming experience.

So prepare yourself to be savage at heart in the new Far Cry installment.

The game is already available for PlayStation and Xbox. Tomorrow it will also be launched for PC.

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