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Father and Son from Chicago Shoot Each Other over Dog Argument • Mirror Daily

A Chicago father and son shot each other multiple times after they’ve got into an argument about the family’s dog.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If you are a dog owner, then you probably know, by now, that, sometimes, it’s quite a challenge to get out of bed or pause your favorite TV show because you need to walk it. Well, you probably also got into a lot of arguments with mom, dad, or sibling over whose turn it is to walk a dog. However, a mild domestic dispute between a father and son from Chicago over who should take the dog outside took a wrong turn on Sunday morning.

Chicago Domestic Violence Turns in a Bloodbath

According to the Chicago Police Department, on Sunday morning, at approximately 8:20 am, a father and son sharing the same house located at 9100 blocks of South Woodlawn, south of Burnside had an argument over whose turn it is to walk the dog. It would appear that the conversation between father and son took a wrong turn when both of them decide to let the guns do the talking.

The authorities declared when 22-year-old Donald Johnson repeatedly refused to take the family’s dog for a walk, his 43-year-old father went to another part of the house to get his handgun. Guessing his father’s intention, Donald also went to get his firearm.

Father and Son Shot Each Other

Shortly before 8:20 am, the two shot each other inside the Burnside apartment. According to the ongoing investigation, the 43-year-old man shot his son multiple times before collapsing. Chicago PD’s ballistic unit declared that Donald and his father must have fired their weapons at the same time. However, it would seem that the first one to collapse was 20-year-old Donald Johnson, after being shot multiple times by his father.

The authorities were alerted by Johnson’s neighbors, who heard gunshots on Sunday morning. When they arrived at the Burnside house, they’ve discovered the Chicago father and son lying unconsciously on the living room floor. Both were rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Unfortunately, at 9:16 am, the ER physicians at the Christ Medical Center (Oak Lawn) pronounced Donald Johnson dead as a result of his extensive injuries. Surprisingly enough, even though his father has been shot as many times as his son, the doctors managed to stabilize his condition.

When the man regained consciousness, he was asked by the law enforcement officers about the reason why he chose to shoot his son. According to the man’s statement, that morning they have a rather intense argument about whose turn it was to walk the family’s dog.

Image source: Pixabay

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