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Fayetteville Father Stabs His Children to Death and Hides Bodies in Car Trunk • Mirror Daily

Fayetteville father in custody after stabbing to death his children.

Fayetteville authorities recently arrested 30-year-old Tillman Freeman shortly after the police officers found the man’s children stabbed to death inside Freeman’s car trunk. The children have been reported missing a few days ago. Investigators described the crime scene as being the most brutal and gut-wrenching thing they saw. The man might have had a domestic dispute with his wife before butchering his children.

Sheriff Hubert Peterkin of Hoke County declared in a press comment that having to investigate the crime scene was the hardest thing he had to do during his career. Peterkin told the press that although the public reads all day about bodies being discovered in the woods or another remote area, it’s an entirely different reality actually to be there and to witness what a deranged individual can do.

According to Peterkin, Freeman’s car was found abandoned in a heavily-wooded area just outside the town of Raeford. Upon investigating the vehicle, the law enforcement officers found two bodies inside the car’s trunk. The Coroner’s Office revealed that the bodies belong to a 2-year-old girl and a 4-day-old baby. They were later identified as being the missing Serenity and Genesis Freeman, Tillman Freeman’s children.

As for the perpetrator, according to Peterkin, the Fayetteville father was brought into custody on Friday and charged with child neglect and child abuse. However, the man refused to disclose the location of his children.

After the bodies had been discovered, the Fayetteville father was also charged with two counts of first-degree murder. According to the coroner’s report, both children have been stabbed multiple times before being shoved in the back of Freeman’s truck. Even after being confronted with his deed, the man refused to tell the investigators why he chose to kill his children.

Sheriff Peterkin declared that the terrible double homicide might have stemmed from a domestic dispute. It appears that the man accused his wife of cheating on him and, in a fit of rage, took the children with him and left. Moreover, it appears that the woman was hospitalized at that time.

Marvina Smith, Genesis and Serenity’s aunt, told the reporters that it was she who had to break the news to the children mother. On Saturday, after learning about what happened to her children, the mother tried to commit suicide at the hospital. Fortunately, the doctors were able to save her in time.

Image source: Wikipedia

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