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Fetal Contamination Could Pose Serious Health Risks, Authorities Warn • Mirror Daily

“Keep Out” signs will be prompted in the dirty areas to prevent beachgoers from swimming in the water.

Given the recent study published by the American Chemical Society, fetal contamination could pose serious health risks, authorities warn. This conclusion was reached after scientists have subjected sand samples withdrawn from beaches and discovered significant amounts of fetal bacteria among them.

The summer season has already begun and great parts of the United States’ population has already made reservations for beach holidays. Unfortunately, their plans might be somewhat troubled by the recent warning that the American Chemical Society has released in awe of recent poop bacteria discovered on various beaches.

The situation could be a lot more difficult than inhabitants might be tempted to think. Scientists specified that the poop bacteria was identified across many regions in America. Biology analyses indicate that the fetal contamination that affects all popular beaches is not an incident, but rather a persistent issue, scientists have mentioned at the end of their declaration.

Fecal contamination occurs as a result of the decomposing sewage arriving on the beach, researchers have explained. Nearby waters, however, remain clean due to their filtering capacity; thus, the recent analyses performed by the American Chemical Society indicate that the percentage of fetal bacteria was 100 times higher on the sand than in the seawater.

Taking into consideration the recent scientific discoveries, authorities have already advised people to protect themselves from fetal bacteria and to avoid dirty beaches as much as possible. Various measures will be applied in the near future to keep beachgoers protected from the fetal contamination. The first measure they could think of was the installation of “Keep Out” signs within those regions where the seawater and the beach are too dirty.

A number of physical affections could be associated with fetal bacteria, which is why doctors warn beachgoers not to ignore their messages. Stomach aches, diarrhea and rashes are just some of the diseases that beachgoers may contract, if they get contaminated with the poop bacteria. Children and older individuals are more likely to get contaminated because their immune systems are much more vulnerable.

The findings of the American Chemical Society will be published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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