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Fidget Spinners Started Losing their Popularity Among Children • Mirror Daily

Fidget spinners were the top internet craze over the past few months, but they have already started losing their popularity

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Fidget spinners took America by storm, but it seems that their popularity has already started declining. Data regarding online sales shows that the toy is no longer as popular among teens and children as it used to be. This might affect Amazon or other retail giants, who took great advantage from the popularity of the toy.

Google data shows fidget spinners started trending near the end of January and the beginning of February. However, both searches and sales peaked in May, when the toy achieved top popularity among children. However, new data shows that their interest has started fading.

Fidget spinners owned the supremacy over online sales

Fidget spinners have been everywhere on the interest during the past month, and dozens of YouTube videos of people playing with the toy became viral. However, the trend seems to be over. This comes as quite bad news for Amazon, Toys R Us, or Walmart, which acquired a lot of benefits from selling the toy.

The dominance of the fidget spinner was so great that, for the past months, around 17 percent of online sales per day consisted of orders for the toy. Toys R Us had to bring a supply of thousands of spinners to satisfy the huge demands of the customers.

Health benefits or safety hazards?

Many blamed the toy as another distraction for kids, but some experts thought it actually brought some benefits. They claimed that fidget spinners were great in helping kids suffering from ADHD and anxiety to deal with their conditions. Even so, they raised many safety concerns.

Many cases reported fidget spinners as choking hazards, as some children put them in their mouths and nearly choked on loose pieces. Also, while throwing the toy in the air, one child nearly lost an eye. This led to several school banning spinners, not only for the safety concerns, but also because they serve as distractions for children during classes.
Image Source: Pixabay

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