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Rocket League is a game where soccer players are substituted by super power cars.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The indie wonder that lets you play soccer while driving a car was so well received by the gaming public that it is going to be released in solid form. So prepare your wheels to score some goals as Rocket League will get a physical release.

The soccer game that features rocket-like cars instead of players was a hit among PlayStation 4 users last year. Then Rocket League got published on Steam for Xbox One at the beginning of February, and it had the same significant impact on players.

People seem to be overly joyed with the idea of playing such a classic sport like soccer with rocket-like cars. The independent producers of Rocket League took a shot when developing the game and it seems that it paid off marvelously.

Seeing as the FIFA-Need for Speed hybrid fared rather well on Steam, Rocket League will get a physical release, also. The Collector’s Edition of the game will be released in the third quarter of this year, and it will be available in retail stores worldwide.

Furthermore, the physical copy will come with additional surprises such as all the DLC updates that have been released so far and retail-only exclusive content. The price was not revealed thus far.

The developing company has not made any official statement regarding the nature of the retail-only exclusive content, but from what they hinted, fans will be delighted by the new features.

According to the on-line forums of Rocket League fans, the enthusiastic players hope that the retail-only exclusive content will be made available for on-line download as well.

Some players paid for the game on Steam, and they probably don’t want to spend extra money on a game that they already have just for some extra features.

But there are also a lot of fans that got Rocket League for free if they subscribed to a PlayStation Plus account. It may be that the releasing independent company is counting on them to whip out some cash and pay for both the game and the extra features. Because at the end of the day that is how you show your support for a product that you enjoyed using.

As Rocket League will get a physical release, it may be possible that the fan base will grow even larger. That would mean that there is a new niche opened on the gaming market: the wacky hybrid games. Next time maybe somebody will combine GTA with Donkey Kong.

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