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Fight Another Day As Street Fighter V Beta is Postponed

The beta version is now offline.

After a series of server errors, games will be forced to fight another day as Street Fighter V beta is postponed until further notice. The highly anticipated game to be launched exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PC has fallen short of expectations, though so far, it has not been attributed to actual gameplay.

Capcom has taken down the beta version of the game due to the fact that many users reported issues of connecting to matchmaking servers and were unable to find online match-ups. For those who have pre-ordered Street Fighter V, the beta testing began on July 23rd, but was taken only five days later, on July 28th, with no reports on when it will be coming back.

The company has expressed its “sincerest apologies to everyone who participated” and claimed that they have encountered issues much graver than expected with their servers. So, eager gamers wanting to test out the fifth installment of the famous franchise must wait until they can get another taste again.

During the three days of testing, Capcom has reportedly gathered a good amount of user data, but were unwilling to share it with the public. However, they have admitted that most users have experienced the server issue and were unsatisfied with game’s performance due to the error, which has led the developer into pulling back altogether.

In order to provide the most positive experience possible, the Street Fighter V beta will be removed from access until all server problems are fixed. It has left players to speculate that the issues were much graver than left to believe if the measures taken had to be so drastic.

The game’s developer could have simply maintained the servers online while they worked out the kinks, but they seemed decisive in being all out or all in. However, associate producer Pete Rosas has reported that this will not count as one of the three announced beta versions until the game will be released in spring next year.

Street Fighter V will still see additional testing versions for players to review and those who had entered the first beta will be able to rejoin once the servers are back up. Capcom understands the frustration and possible annoyance of gamers worldwide, so they have promised to emerge with details once more are available and hopefully have the game back up and running soon enough.

Setbacks are expected though, so players might have to wait and roll with the punches as well.

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