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Firefighters Got Suspended After Saving the Life of a Child • Mirror Daily

They got suspended because they deliberately broke protocol that prohibits patient transportation.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – When a 911 call is made, usually there are more than one units alerted of the problem and the nearest ones rush to the scene. So it’s no unusual occurrence that a fire truck arrived first when the Nunmaker family called for help. The strange part of the story is that the firefighters got suspended after saving the life of a child.

When Brian Nunmaker made the 911 call, he was probably expecting to see an ambulance at his door. But instead, his call was first picked up by Sergeant Virgil Bloom and cap. James Kelley, two volunteer firefighters at Fredericksburg’s Falmouth Fire Department.

Nunmaker called the emergency number because his 18 months daughter was having seizures and became unresponsive to external stimuli. While they did wait for a medical crew to appear, the two men took what later became a life-saving decision, and transported the little girl to the hospital in their fire truck.

The girl reached the medical facility in time and was soon out of harm’s way. But the Kelly and Bloom weren’t. The two firefighters got suspended after saving the life of a child.

Regulations dictate that the truck must not be used in patient transportation because it is not properly equipped for such a task. And even though the two acted with the consent of the parents, they still got suspended as a “thank you” for their prompt intervention.

Kelley declared to the NY Daily News that the entire situation has taken a toll on him. He and his colleague are not the only ones affected by the fire department’s decision. According to the captain, the Falmouth Fire Department is severely understaffed, and they send two perfectly capable volunteers home because they decided to act quick and save the life of 18 months old baby.

The father of the little girl stated that he has nothing but gratitude to the two gentlemen that saved his daughter. Both he and his wife feel like it’s their fault that the firefighters got suspended after saving the life of a child.

And in order to help them, the Nunamaker family even started a Facebook page meant to support the two brave men. According to the posts and comments on the social media profile, people are urging the commission to reinstate Kelly and Bloom in their functions.

The firefighters got suspended after saving the life of a child because regulation prohibits the use of the fire truck in patient transportation. But the ambulance was miles away, and if seizures aren’t treated rapidly, they could leave permanent damage to the patient.

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