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Fish Can Cure Depression – Mirror Daily

In addition to depression, fish can also cure Alzheimer’s disease.

A new study published in the journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has revealed that fish can cure depression. The investigation has looked at the possible ways in which nutrition can influence not just our physical, but also our mental condition and the results indicated that fish is the most effective product.

Depression is one of the biggest illnesses of the century, if we were to judge on the large number of patients suffering from it. Patients often experience sadness, anxiety, helplessness and they may even contemplate with the idea of putting an end to their lives. It is believed that by 2020 depression will become humanity’s main affection; hence, the growing need to find viable solutions and treatments for it.

A recent study has looked at the influence that food may have on our mental state because they think nutrition plays an important part, as well. They have compared the findings of all the studies that have been conducted between 2001 and 2014. They have observed that fish has the ability to reduce depression, be it for men and women.

26 studies, which saw the participation of 150,000 people produced the same result, namely, that people who eat more fish have 17% less chances of suffering from depression. Men, however, had a slightly better response to fish consumption. Their depressive state was reduced by 20% compared to the values registered among female respondents (16%).

Dongfeng Zhang, Professor at the Medical College of Qingdao University has concluded that the observations of the study clearly point towards a new medical treatment for depression. Nevertheless, he believes further studies should be conducted to determine whether some fish species are more effective than others.

Scientists think fish consumption can be effective in lowering depression due to the nutritive substances they contain. Based on their previous investigations, they have noticed that omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to modify the structure of brain membranes. This, in turn, leads to increased levels of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that are responsible for our well-being.

Researchers have also added that vitamins and proteins contained in fish meat can also play a significant part in reducing depression. There are other benefits of fish consumption, as indicated by previous studies; medical experts concluded in the past that eating fish once a week can preserve grey matter and ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

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