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Fitbit One Can Increase Physical Activity, New Experiment Confirms • Mirror Daily

Fitbit One has proven itself useful in encouraging women to take up additional physical activities.

Given the recent hype caused by Apple Watch accessories and health-oriented devices, scientists wanted to find out whether fitness chronometers can really improve people’s health. They have found out that Fitbit One can increase physical activity, new experiment confirms.

Fitbit One is one of the many health and fitness chronometers that has been recently launched on the market. Medical experts were particularly interested to see why this device is so expensive compared to other similar gadgets available on the market.

They have, thus, carried out a small experiment with the help of 51 overweight women, who have already reached post menopause. The study was carried out during a four-week interval, during which the respondents were asked to perform various physical activities.

Cadmus-Bertram, the leader of the experiment and other colleagues, who have contributed to the study, asked the women to walk at least 10,000 steps per day and to perform a total of 150 minutes of intense physical activity per week.

Half of the women were handed the Fitbit One tracker to monitor their physical state, whereas the rest of the women in the study group were given another tracking device. Results have shown that women, who used the Fitbit One tracker increased their physical activity from one day to another. The other respondents, on the other hand, did not register significant growth of their physical activity.

Before the experiment, all female participants walked only 6,000 steps and carried out approximately 33 minutes of exercise per week. At the end of the study, figures showed that women wearing the Fitbit One tracker added 789 steps per week to their total amount.

They have also reached a total of 38 minutes of physical exercises per week, even though they did not meet the official requirement of 150 minutes per week that has been set at the beginning of the experiment.

Nevertheless, scientists have concluded that the improvement that was registered among the first group of female participants is noteworthy. Cadmus-Bertram is, therefore, of the opinion that wearing a fitness tracker like Fitbit One is indeed helpful to those who want to improve their physical activity.

The researcher further added that the positive feedback that users constantly get from the small device is the main factor encouraging users to keep up the good work. The chronometer sets new goals for users and congratulates them whenever a previous goal has been met.

Fitbit One is somewhat expensive compared to other similar devices on the market. It costs $100, whereas the majority of the fitness trackers are labeled at around $20. Cadmus-Bertram has chosen this device because it was the only one available when he started his study in 2011.

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