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Florida Authorities Discovered 100 Deceased Pythons in Woman’s House • Mirror Daily

Approximately 100 dead pythons were retrieved from a Florida woman’s house.

We do know that some people like to have junk lying around the house because who knows when you’ll need something. How would you feel about going into somebody’s bathroom to fetch something and to discover the rotting bodies of 100 dead pythons? No, it’s not the script of a horror movie, but something that recently happened in Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Service retrieved over 100 dead pythons from a woman’s bathroom as well as other live animals. The suspect was taken into custody and might face prison time.

Alerted by the fetid smell coming from 59-year-old Jennifer Morrison’s Jupiter house, a police crew was dispatched to investigate. However, upon entering and searching the woman’s home, they’ve discovered that the woman was keeping snakes in her bathroom as well as other live animals in her house.

As a result, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Services was called in to contain the issue. Some of the cleanup crew members declared that the woman had approximately 100 dead ball pythons in her bathroom. Furthermore, due to the fact that the reptiles were in an advanced state of decay and the bathroom’s floor covered in urine and feces, the Fish and Wildlife Service workers had to wear masks.

They’ve said that the stench coming from Morrison’s bathroom was so bad that it was almost impossible to live in the house. However, the 59-year-old woman didn’t seem to mind the smell. According to the authorities, the ball pythons were kept in plastic bins. By the looks of it, the woman wanted to become a snake dealer.

In addition, it would also seem that the woman also kept other animals in her house apart from ball pythons. After cleaning up Morrison’s bathroom, the Fish and Wildlife service representatives removed two dogs, a couple of turtles, some live ball pythons, and two parakeets.

The events occurred on the 16th of February. As for 59-year-old Jennifer Morrison, the Florida authorities took her into custody and charged the woman with animal abandonment and confining pets without providing enough food, water, and exercise.

If she’s found guilty, the woman might will be forced to pay a $5,000 fine and spend some time behind bars.

In other news, a man from Indonesia was eaten whole by a 23-foot-long reticulated python. His desiccated body was retrieved after a couple of villages tore open the snake’s abdomen.

Image source: Wikipedia

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