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Fond Of Pocket? Mozilla Just Bought It • Mirror Daily

The Mozilla Corporation announced that it just acquired Read It later Inc and its Pocket.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – This week came with an interesting announcement from the developer of the Firefox web browser. Mozilla revealed, on Monday, that it completed the acquisition of Pocket, or more exactly, of Read It Later Inc.

Those familiar with saving pages so as to read them later must be familiar with Pocket. Formerly known as Read It Later, the system allows the user to save webpages. These are stored on a list that can be accessed anytime, both on and offline. Pocket comes with both a Web and an Android and iOS version.

Over this last year, Mozilla has been slowly integrating Pocket into Firefox. And now, this integration with go even deeper.

On February 27th, both Mozilla and Pocket released an announcement. Posted on their official pages, this revealed as follows. The Mozilla Corporation just finished its acquisition of the Read It Later, Inc., Pocket’s developers.

Starting from now, Pocket will be added to Mozilla’s products list. It will be joining the likes of Firefox, the web browser, and Thunderbird, an email client service.

In its web post, Mozilla stated as follows. The company is currently in an expansion process. As such, it is also experimenting more than before. But it is also still looking to continue its mission. What is this Mozilla’s target? Keeping the Internet a healthy, useful place. One that can be accessed and that should be opened to all.

As such, Mozilla considers the Read It Later acquisition a first strategic move. It will be contributing to the company’s general company by offering the following. It will help Mozilla increase its mobile presence. It will also be helping them provide people from all over the world with powerful and useful tools. Ones that can be used in order to discover and reach a high-quality web content.

And it will be offering this services on the user’s own term, independently from the content silo or platform.

Pocket’s core technology and team will also be helping Mozilla reach another target. It could help the company accelerate its Context Graph initiative. Read It Later will also be bringing along Pocket’s 10 million unique monthly active users. The service also has over 3 billion pieces of already saved content.

Pocket also released a statement on the matter of the acquisition. It presented itself as the “little button in your browser”, and as a companion. The company set out with a clear target. It meant to offer a platform on which users could save, read, and share any content that caught their attention and was worthy of their time.

And it will be continuing to do so, even after the Mozilla acquisition. The Read It Later team stated that Pocket will continue as an independent, wholly owned Mozilla Corporation subsidiary. As such, it will be keeping its name. Its offices and developer teams will also remain as they are. And where they are.

According to Pocket, Mozilla will be helping the company “add fuel to the rocketship”. It will be helping Read It Later expand its area of outreach. How will it do so? By increasing its access to its global scale and extraordinary resources. This will help Pocket with its faster expansion to new places. It may also help it become a faster, better, even more accessible product.

As it is, most analysts consider that the acquisition will further cement the already existing partnership. It will also be helping Pocket expand. Firefox will also be advantaged by its new, built-in read it later service.

Full details about the acquisition can be found on the Mozilla and Pocket blogs.

Image Source: Wikimedia

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