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Former FBI Special Agent Mark Padilla Shares Safety Tips • Mirror Daily

My name is Mark Padilla and I was a real life FBI Special Agent:
“I have a passion for helping everyday Americans find peace of mind with my simple & secure lifestyle tips.” I look forward to being a contributing writer to this publication as we cover a variety of topics.

Tip: Financial Safety

Change out your credit cards often to “purge” bogus billings

This will save you money and headaches. Every three to four months I cancel and REPLACE my debit and or credit cards at no cost to me. Keep the card just get a new number from the issuer. If you cancel the card it may negatively affect your credit score. This protects against unauthorized charges and most importantly prevents JUNK charges from accumulating on your card. For instance, it will save you the time and effort, trying to review each and every transaction to make sure you still want to pay for it (gym membership, subscription services of any kind). Moreover, it will force you to re-activate deadly RECURRING charges that happen automatically (by ensuring you make the decision AGAIN to agree to those charges)!

Visit my Youtube video for safety tips:
This is part of me -FBI –

Everyday Safety Tips:
Dating Safety: Tips to ensure your kid has a safe experience (throw up on rapist), invoke scripture…Or for adults, don’t switch to yahoo messenger or such “instantly”
IPhone safety: Photos posted on Facebook have an encryption telling a “predator/the public” the exact physical address the picture of your young kids was taken at (i.e. home). Enforcement contact: Do you have to talk to the FBI or Police? Or any other person in authority (i.e. minors)

Assess Environment: Yellow light, be aware, in a bank terrorist attack where to find cover

Security for family: GPS tracking? IPhone tracking? Home Security? Family Emergency plan (disaster)
Train to fight: Walking down the street keep “eye contact” with people coming the opposing direction…its shows strength….don’t be a victim
Mark has a Masters in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Finance, and was a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) both by exam. He was also a Federal Firearms Instructor. He currently is an Entrepreneur, CEO, Film and TV Law Enforcement Consultant and a professionally trained actor (and one of the very few former FBI Agents who has IMBD credit). He can be reached at his Facebook page: Or [email protected]

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