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Fraternity Prank Gone Wrong as Student Experiences Severe Allergic Reaction • Mirror Daily

A 19-year-old college student nearly died after failed fraternity prank.

Last week, what started out as an innocuous fraternity prank could have turned into a tragedy, as a student began to experience the symptoms of an extreme peanut allergy. What’s even worse is that the pranksters used social media to spread the word of their deed, thus alerting the student’s parents and the authorities.

Andrew Seely is a 19-year-old freshman at the Central Michigan University. Since his admission to the University, the young man attempted to enroll in one of the on-campus fraternities. After being turned down several times, his searches led him to an off-campus organization belonging to the disbanded Alpha Chi Rho fraternity.

According to national Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, the CMU chapter house was disbanded in early 2001, after the fraternity’s council found out that the house’s member engaged in hazing.

During the night spent at the Alpha Chi Rho unofficial house, some of the members thought it would be amusing to play a prank on the freshman. So, despite seeing Andrew’s Epi-Pen, his peanut allergy bracelet, and the Benadryl pills lying on his bedside, the frat members smeared peanut butter all over Andrew’s face.

And to top it all up, they took a picture of the student’s face and posted it on the University’s social media account. Needless to say, the member got all the attention they so desperately needed, and even more.

Incidentally, the picture has been seen and shared by Teresa Seely, Andrew’s mother, who was not impressed by the fraternity prank. In an interview, Teresa said that she understands college pranks, but this one was bordering on crime.

Andrew’s parents said that the boy could have easily gone into shock and died in just a few seconds, as he has a deadly peanut allergy. The young man’s father told the reporters that if some of that peanut butter entered his mouth, his son would have died.

Enraged by the fraternity prank which could have easily turned into a tragedy, the boy’s parents are bent on pressing charges against the members of the off-campus fraternity. However, things are not that simple.

Since the organization is not recognized by the Alpha Chi Rho national group, the only way the parents could press charges is by filing an appeal with the Office of Student Conduct. According to Andrew’s parents, the Office of Student Conduct has already contacted them and offered their assistance in filing an official report.

Image source: Pixabay

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