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Freak Storms Leaves Behind Giant Snowballs • Mirror Daily

Authorities report that while most snowballs aren’t bigger than a tennis ball, some of them have more than one meter in diameter.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After a freak storm had hit Siberia, giant snowballs began to appear in a coastal area. The mysterious icy spheres left behind by the terrible blizzard occupy an area of approximately 11 miles.

As strange as it would may seem, a large coastal area from Russian is currently occupying by spheres made of ice. While some of them are no larger than a tennis ball, some of them have more than one meter in diameter.

According to the local authorities, the mysterious spheres appeared after a large storm that came out of nowhere. The coastal area where this phenomenon was sighted is near the Nyda village. The villagers said that they hadn’t seen anything remotely resembling these icy spheres.

The authorities stated that the giant snowballs are the result of a natural phenomenon. Due to the sudden weather shift, the wind’s speed increased. The constant flow of water combined with the howling winds shaped these spherical marvels.

A similar phenomenon took place in the United States of America on Lake Michigan back in 2014. As scientists recall, after a polar vortex swept the shore of Lake Michigan, hundreds of giant snowballs washed up near Glen Arbor.

At that time, Joe Charlevoix, a meteorologist monitoring the phenomenon came up with an explanation to account for the event. As the scientists explained it at that time, the waters of Lake Michigan have temperatures slightly below the point of freezing.

This means that at all times there are ice fragments in the water. The movement of the waves forces the water to freeze in layers, thus creating these spherical objects. In the end, these giant snowballs are pushed by the wind, and end up on the shore.

Sergei Lisenkov, the acting press secretary of the AARI (Arctic and Antarctic Researcher Institute) offered a similar explanation. The scientists declared that there is indeed a natural phenomenon at work and that the spheres are the result of water and wind working together.

It’s quite plausible that the sphere’s themselves formed on the sea and were pushed on the shore by the bitter Siberian winds.

The giant snowballs might be just natural occurring phenomena in the eyes of others, but it would seem that they’ve managed to attract a very large crowd. People from all over Russia are going to the Nyda in order to view these spherical wonders for themselves and to take lots of selfies.

Image source: Pixabay

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