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Steam is offering three classic Sega video games, “Hell Yeah”, “Jet Set Radio” and “Golden Axe”.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If you’re running low on cash and don’t have anything to play, keep in mind that Steam is offering three free Sega games. The bundle is available for download for anybody who has a Steam account. You are virtually a couple of clicks away from owning classics like “Hell Yeah”, “Jet Set Radio” and “Golden Axe”.

Steam is offering three free Sega games as part of the bundle “Make War Not Love III”, which is a Sega project. If you’re looking for more information about the free packages that Sega is offering, you can head out to the bundle page on the Steam store here.

If you’re new to the Steam business you could get a little lost in the technical details of a free download. Especially if the games are free only in the bundle, and not individually. All you have to do is click on the game you find more appealing and somewhere below the icon that shows the price of the game, you will find an option for packages.

Search for the package marked as free and click on the button that says “Install Game”. That is all you have to do to add the three free Sega games to your Steam library.

Also, “Golden Axe” will not appear as a separate entry in your list. In order to access the game, you will have to search for a “Sega Genesis” entry. Open it and you will find the ready-to-install “Golden Axe” game. You will require around 106 MB of space for the Sega classic.

“Golden Axe” is an arcade, side-scrolling, slash and hack and “beat’ em up” video game. The game takes up so little space because it was developed in 1989, the time of the floppy disk.

The action takes place in the land of Yuria, a fictional realm. The players have to defeat Death Adder, an evil entity that has kidnaped the King and the princess of Yuria. The playable characters are Gilius Thunderhead, a dwarf that comes from the Woloud mines and battles with an axe, Ax Battler, a barbarian that is seeking revenge by the blade of its broadsword, and Tyris Flare, an amazon that lost her parents to the wrath of Death Adder.

“Jet Set Radio” is eleven years younger than “Golden Axe”, but it was also one of the highest acclaimed Sega games. The fan base of this Sega oldie is still considerable, seeing as the game was released sixteen years ago.

The beauty of the classics should be appreciated in any domain, music, movies and video games. This is one of the reasons for which Steam is offering three free Sega games that are a part of the classic video games inheritance.

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