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Frequent Mouthwash Use Tied to Increased Diabetes Risk (Study) • Mirror Daily

New research suggests that using mouthwash on a daily basis could increase type 2 diabetes risk. Researchers warn that using the oral rinse at least twice a day could raise diabetes risk exponentially.

A research team at the Harvard School of Public Health found that mouthwash may kill good bacteria in the mouth, which could spur the risk for certain conditions. According to the latest study, frequent use (twice a day or more) is tied to a 55% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, a condition which leads to diabetes, in three years’ time.

It is the first evidence that the anti-bacterial fluid which is designed to promote oral health can lead to illness. Study authors explained that the bacteria-killing agents in such products are not selective. This means that they kill all bacteria, regardless if they are good or bad. The same goes for antibiotics when it comes to gut bacteria.

Mouthwash Use Tied to High Diabetes Risk

In their study, the research team combed through health data on more than 1,200 obese patients with the average age of 52.5 and with a high type 2 diabetes risk. Over three years, 17 percent of volunteers were diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

In those using mouthwash once a day the risk rose by 20 percent, while in those using it twice daily the risk climbed 30 percent.

Researchers noted that good bacteria living in the mouth can protect the body against diabetes and obesity since they spur the production of nitric oxide. While oral hygiene is crucial, there are other ways to ensure it. For instance, there are foods that are natural cleansers and have anti-bacterial properties.

Apples could be seen as some of the most effective cleansing agents since they are rich in fiber and water. The fruits are also rich in malic acid which increases the production of saliva, flushing away the harmful bacteria.
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