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Futurama 'Game of Drones' For Mobiles Is Incoming

A mobile game is in the works

(Mirror Daily, United States) – For those who are still missing the animated series, there’s good news, as Futurama ‘Game of Drones’ for mobiles is incoming and will actually be created by one of the show’s original writers. Here’s hoping they can bring back some genuine Futurama-style entertainment to the smaller screen.

Fox Digital Entertainment, who still owns the property, along with Wooga, the creators of Jelly Splash, will be creating a new game for mobiles that will hopefully reawaken the interest of the series’ fans. It may be unfortunate news and a clue that Futurama will not be making an actual return to the small screen. However, it’s history indicated not to lose hope.

In 1999, Futurama was created by Matt Groening, famously known for his hit animated series The Simpsons. The latter inspired games, movies, and numerous other products that have seen great success. Futurama also received praises from critics, and instantly captured the audience, but Fox shut it down before its time in 2003.

Both PlayStation 2 and Xbox tried to keep its spirit alive by releasing two action games, but were met with mixed response from the public. It’s not always meant for a good movie or series to turn into a successful gaming franchise. Or vice versa for that matter.

It took several years, but in 2008, the animated series was given another chance. It ran through its seventh season until 2013, before it was cancelled once again. And that seemed to be the end of it. However, a new mobile game in the Futurama universe is now in the works, within the partnership of both Fox and Berlin-based company Wooga. The two will be presenting ‘Futurama: Game of Drones’.

According to Wooga, the future mobile game will see “players on a journey with the Planet Express crew” involved in a trade war with shipping rival MomCo. to deliver cargo in perilous situations. The gameplay in itself will likely imply puzzles through which the player will collect drones to advance through the levels.

For those fearing a potential wreck brought upon their beloved franchise, Patric Verrone, who is one of the show’s original writers and co-producer toward its end, will be participating. Along with him, there will be an original story written by Dave Grossman, known for hits such as the beautifully-crafted story of ‘The Wolf Among Us’, and ‘Secret of Monkey Island’. And the mobile game will also see help from Jonathon Myers, known for ‘Game of Thrones: Ascent’.

It’s not yet confirmed when or where the mobile game will launch, but it’s likely to arrive for both iOS and Android devices.

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