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Galveston Family Roasts Dead Relative in Obituary • Mirror Daily

Galveston family roasted deceased member in long obituary.

In general, obituaries are meant to honor the dead and to tell everyone else what a good person he or she was in dead. Probably the golden rule of speaking about the deceased is that it’s probably a bad idea to speak or to write unkind words. However, a Galveston family deemed necessary to show the rest of the world what kind of individual the late Lesley Ray “Popeye” Charping really was.

The whole thing started when Lesley Ray “Popeye” Charping, a Galveston resident, passed away on the 30th of January, at the venerable age of 74, after losing the battle with cancer. One would imagine that the bereft family would write an extensive obituary, honoring the septuagenarian’s life.

However, Charping’s family believed that their relative did not deserve a heartfelt obituary, and opted to write one that was closer to the truth. Charping’s obituary, which was initially posted on a funeral home’s website, was, as one would be inclined to say, a major roast.

The obituary written by the Galveston family started off by saying the old man passed away at the venerable age of 74, after losing the battle with cancer. However, they go on saying that Charping lived 29 years longer than expected and deserved.

After reading the first paragraph, one would know that this is not your usual obituary, and the person in question was not a Samaritan in life. The obituary details the marvelous exploits of Charping, saying that he abused his family on many occasions, was addicted to drugs and alcohol and that he had several encounters with the law.

The family also mentions that Popeye was an incurable womanizer and that he had a long history of mental issues. Charping’s obituary was long, truculent, and, in many ways, it was considered poetic justice.

Shortly after posting the obituary on the funeral home’s website, the Galveston family was asked to remove it, as it was much too disrespectful. After some consideration, the man’s family posted a second version of the obituary, which was equally truculent as the first one.

Probably the most Picante part of the document was the end, where the family mentioned that the late Popeye will be cremated and that his ashes will be scattered and kept in the family’s barn, among donkey manure.

So, the morale of the story would be to keep in mind that the people you make fun of or abuse during your life will be the ones writing your obituary.

Image source: Pixabay

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