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German Company Wants to Bake Crumb-Free Bread in Space • Mirror Daily

German scientists want to create bread that doesn’t leave crumbles and bake it in space

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A company based in Germany wants to help astronauts on the International Space Station enjoy freshly baked bread even when they are in space. The company, called Bake in Space, aims to create a special dough and oven which can be baked even on the ISS.

Bread is banned on the ISS

During the Gemini 3 space mission from 1965, astronaut John Young hid a corned beef sandwich before taking off and ate it while the spacecraft was already in space. This could have led to a tremendous disaster, since crumbs fly everywhere in microgravity, and can reach the electrical panels and start a fire.

During an official hearing, the astronauts were admonished for their irresponsibility. Since then, it is forbidden to bring bread on the ISS. The only similar alternative to the snack are tortilla wraps, which leave no crumbs.

Baking bread in space which leaves no crumbs

However, the experts at Bake in Space want to allow astronauts to enjoy this luxury of fresh bread in space. Also, since the idea of space travel becomes more and more popular, they highlight the importance of baking in space. Apart from the luxury factor, this might also contribute to the psychological well-being of the astronauts.

“The smell of fresh bread evokes memories of general happiness and is an important psychological factor.”

They plan to test a series of baking methods, including a low pressure bake. This would make the bread fluffy and soft. However, the big challenge is finding the right texture, which won’t lead to the food breaking into crumbs.

This innovative project was presented last week, during the UK Space Conference. Bake in Space have scheduled to test this baking technique during ESA’s mission on the space station from April 2018.
Image Source: Pixabay

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