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The operation lasted for three hours and the doctors managed to remove all the tumor.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Irianita Rojas started to notice an unusual mass growing in the area of her abdomen when she was 13. Now, nine years later, the Peruvian woman got her 35 pounds tumor removed and she has a chance at a normal life.

The story of Irianita Rojas and her 35 pounds tumor seems like it was ripped out of a movie.

The 22 years old woman made peace with the thought that she will not be able to do anything normal again. And that included finishing her studies and becoming an accountant.

When her tumor reached this phenomenal size, she started having troubles moving and breathing but she didn’t dare try surgery.

But, as chance has it, the health minister of Peru was visiting Tamshiyacu, her town of origin, at the beginning of this month. He was there to monitor the construction progress of a new health center. It was then when Rojas’ condition caught his eye.

The minister started to ask questions about her case and immediately ordered his staff to transport the young woman to the National Hospital of Archbishop Loayza, a hospital that belongs to the Health Ministry of Peru.

After being transported to the hospital on the 16th of February, the young woman was immediately tested and prepped for surgery. Now the Peruvian woman got her 35 pounds tumor removed and she is preparing to go back to school and finish her studies. Rojas wants to make a career in accounting.

The doctor that operated on the Peruvian young woman, Garcia Bernal, says she has very good chance of recuperating and forgetting all about the massive tumor.

The bad news is that the tests revealed the tumor to be malignant its intensity was low. Dr. Bernal gives Rojas 90 percent chances of recuperating from the surgery and not developing additional tumors.

The fact that the large mass of cancerous cells made Rojas look pregnant was the least of the Peruvian woman’s concerns. The large weight affected her spine, gave her intense back pains and shortened her ability to walk and even breathe.

The mother of the 22 years old woman who was operated upon was very excited and thanked the minister for the new life he offered to her daughter.

Rojas is extremely happy to be able to enjoy life again like a normal person. The Peruvian woman got her 35 pounds tumor removed last week, even though she thought she will have to live with it for the rest of her life.

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