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Girls Learned to Kick Butts • Mirror Daily

Girls Inc. hosted the Kick Butts National Day and educated girls about the dangers of smoking.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The dangers of smoking are even inscribed on the cigarette packages. But there is still a compelling need for education when it comes to the risks that the habit poses to the body of the smokers. And since history taught us that far better to prevent than to treat, there is now a campaign that teaches children the risks of taking up smoking. That is how Girls learned to Kick Butts.

The junior members of the Girls Inc. from Washington County were visited yesterday by the organizers of the Kick Butts campaign. The adolescent girls were taught all about the dangers of smoking as part of the Kick Butts National Day.

Only in Maryland, tobacco-related products claim 7,500 yearly, costing the citizens and the insurance companies $2,71 billion. The local organizers also said that each year tobacco companies spend over $130 million on marketing cigarettes to children and adolescents. Apart from being an extremely immoral gesture, the campaigns stand at the limits of legality.

The Girls Inc. program director, Victoria Hines, was thrilled to host the local campaign. According to her, it is crucial that girls and young people, in general, learn tobacco prevention. Seeing how cigarettes are responsible for more deaths than any other legal substances put together, it is better to prevent than to treat.

Furthermore, she added that the Kick Butts campaign is teaching girls that smoking is not as cool as others portray it. The members of the Girls Inc. were educated on the dangers that the habit poses to the human body.

The nationwide organizers are describing the Kick Butts National Day as being “a day of empowerment” with a clear goal: educating children about the risks of tobacco addiction before they even have a chance at taking up the deadly habit.

Older members of the groups designed special activities for the children in honor of the Kick Butts national day. The younger participants were thus encouraged to participate in poster contests, relay races, and bowling and basketball games.

The central theme of the event was, obviously, the silent health problems that can be developed by smokers. Cancer, lung problems, yellow and black teeth were among the side-effects discussed during the event, children leaving the school with a lot of arguments against the deadly habit.

After the day was over, the 13 and 14 years old girls were able to explain how smoking can cause blockage in the lungs, lead to strokes and heart attacks and generally give you a terrible breath.

Wednesday Girls learned to Kick Butts as part of a national campaign.

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