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Global Forced Hiatus as Facebook's Servers Go Offline Again • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – While bosses around the world cheered the fell-over of Facebook’s servers once again, people everywhere started panicking about it on other social networks. Twitter even had the hashtag #FacebookDown trending for several hours, as users were desperately looking for a cause of their Facebook forced hiatus.

Putting their smartphones down and closing their private-browsing tabs, people had to actually do some work, even though Mondays are the worst even when Facebook is up and running. This is the third time Mark Zuckerberg’s platform has crashed in as many weeks.

Both Facebook’s app and website had gone offline for a couple of hours on Monday afternoon, and while they were briefly and partially restored for a couple minutes, they went back down. With users frantically clicking on the refresh button, the outage is well documented.

According to the comments left on – the portal where users go to signal issues on various websites – Facebook’s servers were down in a lot of regions around the globe. However, there are yet no reports estimating how many users were affected by the widespread disruption.

As reported by a Facebook spokesperson, the cause of the outage was “a configuration issue,” and the company’s engineers worked restlessly to bring Facebook’s services back online. An official announce was made apologizing for any inconveniences caused by the mishap.

These repeated events are troublesome for a company that prides itself in being a reliable form of communication. Some users were able to load Facebook’s website very slowly, but most initial reports showed that Monday afternoon was a nightmare for a lot of the 1.23 billion users.

According to Facebook’s platform status dashboard, the “major outage” began at about 12 p.m PT. The dashboard is responsible with monitoring the activity of Facebook Graph API, a service used by a lot of developers who integrate their products with Facebook.

The service was signaled to be “temporarily unavailable,” but a message announced the “core infrastructure teams” were working on bringing it back online. However, the performance dashboard also became inaccessible in a matter of minutes. Similar experiences were reported on Sept. 17 and Sept. 24, but this latest outage seems to be the most severe of them all.

Complaining about the disruption under the #FacebookDown hashtag issued a lot of funny Tweets, such as “I guess turning it off and on again didn’t work, Mark Zuckerberg?” or “I wonder how many kids will be born 9 months from now.” Stay classy, Internet.
Image Source: Ventures Africa

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