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Global Warming Has Caused Physical Changes in Rocky Mountains Bumblebees • Mirror Daily

Bees love plants with a powerful scent.

A recent study published in the journal of Science shows global warming has caused physical changes in Rocky Mountains bumblebees. This finding proves authorities have to take urgent measures to protect animal species on Earth.

Bumblebees constantly have to put up with challenging new situations in order to survive or to be able to feed themselves. Previous researches showed that the bumblebee population in American has dropped considerably to climate change-related factors. Whether it is they died or they migrated towards other regions, bees in the U.S. have become significantly rarer.

A new study shows some species of bees on the Rocky Mountains have found the secret recipe to survival. They have adapted their body to the new environmental conditions to continue to find food, in spite of the diminishing volume of plants.

Various comparisons conducted in the period between 1960 and 2015 have revealed that bumblebees on the Rocky Mountains have much smaller tongues. When looking at the surrounding environment, it becomes really obvious to us why this physical change has occurred.

Many of the species of plants that bees used to consume have either disappeared or dwindled. This, has made bees’ tongues almost useless, particularly since they were very long compared to the size of most plants. Consequently, bees ditched their old tongues and chose new, smaller once, instead.

Temperatures in the region have also proven that global warming is the only factor responsible for insects’ altered physique. There has been a surge of 3.6 degrees in the temperatures value on the Rocky Mountains since 1960, scientists have explained.

The study is probably one of the most obvious evidence of the influence that environment plays on Earth’s species. It is the only illustration of actual physical changes registered by a species as a result of growing temperatures. Scientists will use their new finding to prove that more work needs to be done to prevent climate changes.

The good news is that bumblebees have an unusual adaptability as they were able to develop new physical traits in just 40 years. This proves insects can survive harmful manmade conditions. Too bad, there won’t be any more plants left to feed them.

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