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The mobile app is available for Android and iOS for free.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Glow is now the go-to company when it comes to family apps. They have made the life of women dealing with pregnancy, sexual health and menstruation a whole lot easier. Also, Glow is the leading app developer when it comes to male and female fertility. So it’s not surprising that Glow Baby is The app for parents.

The latest mobile app released by Glow features the possibility of tracking the development of newborn infants. Glow Baby helps parents keep a track on things like when the baby first lifted its head, or when the newborn smiled, sit up, made eye contact, and grabbed something with both hands.

It doesn’t sound like something that a standard baby album that the great majority of mothers receive at their baby showers can’t do. But this is just the beginning of the apps presentation. Glow Baby is The app for parents because it doesn’t just record all these facts, it compares them to the norm and can alert the parents if the baby’s progress present any irregularities.

There are more than one hundred small milestones in an infant’s first year of life. Paired with crying, feeding, diaper changing, teething and many other daily concerns, parents are a bit overwhelmed. It’s almost impossible to keep tab of all of these milestones, and that is why Glow, in partnership with leading pediatricians developed Glow Baby.

Every baby has its own pace of development. Not all babies take their first steps at the same age, for example. But there is a timeframe in which most of the first year milestones take place. If Glow Baby notices that the baby is not reacting to its name after a certain period of time it will alert the parents and suggest booking an appointment to the doctor’s office.

Glow Baby is The app for parents because it allows them not only to record such milestones but also the length, weight, BMI, head size and more routine actions like diaper changes, feeding schedules and sleep.

Furthermore, the mobile app developed by Glow lets both parents control it thus removing the prejudice that only a single parent, usually the mother, is taking care of the infant. In order to help them handle parenthood better, Glow Baby allows its users to connect with each other in the Glow Baby community.

The company already announced that it will release some premium features like Eve by Glow, Glow Nurture and Glow. These additional features will permit users to compare their baby’s progress with that of other users.

The monthly subscription to the premium Glow features will cost $3,99.

Glow Baby is The app for parents and you can download the free version for Android and iOS starting today.

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