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GM Maven Offers Short-Term Rentals to Uber Drives • Mirror Daily

Besides the car-sharing project, GM Maven will provide Uber drivers with a Chevrolet leasing program.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Although the GM Maven program is promoted as a car-sharing service, the company aims to extend this project. More precisely, Maven belongs to the Express Drive program developed by Lyft which grants drivers the opportunity of renting a vehicle for a short term.

GM Maven’s partnership with Uber supports a 90-day pilot, where Uber drivers can lease a Chevrolet Trax, Malibu, and Cruze for $179 weekly, including insurance and unlimited mileage.

According to Rachel Holt, Uber regional general Manager, this partnership is the ideal combination of GM Maven’s broad ridesharing network, impressive car fleet, and the Uber platform. This way, people who don’t have cars get the chance to use these vehicles.

Although Lyft is a program oriented towards car-sharing services, this partnership will open many doors for General Motors, which will now get its vehicles easier on the street. It is worth mentioning that Uber has its own leasing program via Enterprise.

Drivers can rent a vehicle for a $215 weekly fee. Toyota has also entered the car-sharing market by expanding its fleet in a project called Getaround. Until now, the program has 200,000 members, and it has been introduced in Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Oregon.

Based on the estimates, Getaround members save around $10,000 every year using this car-sharing program. With these programs, companies such as General Motors, Toyota, and Uber intend to provide a reliable alternative to a better traffic.

Also, it is more affordable because it reduces gas costs. All these cars have insurance, while drivers don’t have to worry about vehicle maintenance. GM Maven is currently available in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Washington, D.C., Michigan and Ann Arbor.

Its car fleet includes Chevrolet Cruze, Tahoe, Malibu, and Volt as well as GMC Acadia and Yukon. Apart from these models, GM Maven is also leasing Cadillac vehicles. The cars can be rented for $6 and $8 per hour, including insurance, fuel, and unlimited 4G data.

GM Maven has more than 11,000 members, with over 23 million miles driven after over 12,000 reservations in 2016. The car-sharing service will expand in the next few years, as many companies are interested in developing their own programs.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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