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Gogoro Inc. Launches New Smartscooter • Mirror Daily

The new Smartscooter from Gogoro Inc. will diminish maintenance costs while improving battery swapping processes.

According to a recent press release, Gogoro Inc. launches new Smartscooter which is said to improve both the performance of these types of vehicles and prices in this market category. The newly launched scooter features a smart battery swapping technology which is expected to make electric vehicles a lot more accessible in the future.

Gogoro Inc. is not revolutionizing only the scooter manufacturing industry, but also the processes behind the technology of electric engines. The company plans to enact new maintenance methods for scooters that will be more efficient even though they cost less.

Smartscooter is the new prototype of electrical scooter that Gogoro will release on the market on July 25. Its official price is set at NT$128,000 (US$4,095), but the costs may vary depending on the region where it will be commercialized.

3,521 people have already tested the new model and 97.4 percent of them have declared themselves satisfied with the performances they have achieved with the new vehicle. The Smartscooter is a little bit faster than the previous models; it can reach the top speed of 95kph as opposed to the 85kph speed limit, which was added to previous models.

The speed range is not the only aspect that has been improved. Gogoro Inc. claims they have also simplified the battery swapping processes, so people would no longer waste time to recharge them.

Gogoro cofounder and chief executive officer Horace Luke told the press that the new vehicle has been endowed with a much lighter battery. They only weigh 20 pounds, so they are very easy to carry around.

Drivers only have to grab the batteries and replace them with new ones at special recharging points. The time interval people normally spend to recharge batteries is, thus, significantly reduced, but also the maintenance costs are drastically reduced. Luke estimated that the monthly costs for the maintenance of the scooter will be approximately halved.

Interested customers can pre-order the scooter in exchange of only $4,100. Those who order the vehicle between July 25 and July 27 will additionally receive a two-year subscription for the battery swapping program.

The Taiwanese company is making efforts to help the less fortunate segments of the population. They are offering subsidies for interested customers who cannot afford to purchase the Smartscooter and manage to prove that they do not have the necessary financial means.

In addition, Gogoro Inc. is getting socially involved to promote electric engine technology among drivers. They will add 150 electric station points in the near future to enable users to quickly swap batteries for the Smartscooter.

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