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Google AdWords Has Now an iOS App

Google launches AdWords app in iOS

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Advertising is one of the things that bring the biggest revenues to companies and advertising programs are expanding, even Google AdWords has now an iOS app.

Google relies very much on advertising. Not necessarily because they advertise for themselves, but mostly because they advertise for others or help other companies to create and share ads online with the help of ad programs developed by Google. One of these programs, probably the most popular is Google AdWords.

Recently, Google has expanded this program to iOS, creating an official mobile app. In this way, marketers and publishers will have even easier access to it and will be able to easily create and share ads.

If you’re not familiar with AdWords, here’s how it works. The app enables advertisers to use keywords which may put their products and services at the top of the page in search results. You start making the ad for your service or product and you choose the terms that will make your ad visible in Google search results. Also, you have to set a budget for your ad.

The keywords should make your ad be at the top of the list, but this also depends on the other competitors. The program functions on a pay-per-click model, you have to pay only if your ad is clicked on.

If you have a device working with iOS, you can manage your AdWords campaigns even from your iPhone or iPad, without necessarily having to use a desktop. You can monitor your ads, see how many click you’ve got and how much you have to pay. You can also update certain features and receive suggestions for improving performance, get notifications and receive support directly from a Google expert.

The AdWords app is compatible with many iOS devices and is available for free on the App store. However, you have to be an AdWords customer already to be able to use it.

Besides AdWords, there are two other Google services available in the App Store: the AdWords Express and Google AdSense. The AdWords express allows you to see how your app is performing and edit it, while AdSense gives you account reports and payment information.

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