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Google Announced YouTube Will Be Turned into An E-Commerce Platform • Mirror Daily

According to a recent report released by the search giant, Google announced YouTube will be turned into an e-commerce platform to provide additional support to advertisers. The feature will be rolled out in the following weeks, YouTube product manager Avi Fein further stated.

Google’s official website was assaulted on early Friday morning as the company announced that a new important advertising feature will be added to YouTube. The video-sharing website could be turned into an e-commerce platform as Google plans to roll out many attention-grabbing options for its advertisers.

So far, the company has only informed clients that YouTube will sport an additional “Buy” button that will facilitate advertisers’ access to their profiles. Thanks to the new embedded button, Google clients can easily upload new ads on their channels.

Google’s message further disclosed that the button will be displayed during the commercial spots that usually precede YouTube’s videos. Interested customers can, thus, push the button and a list of prices for the advertised product will unfold, giving users the possibility to compare them. Moreover, the button can send users directly to the shopping website where they can place commands or check out other products.

The button will link users to retailers’ websites, so YouTube will not be in charge of receiving commands. The “Buy” button will be available on both mobile and desktop devices.

Many additional features will be included in Google’s ad services as the search giant wants to make these features easier to use by all advertisers. This way, new possible clients may be convinced on giving up their traditional advertising means and opt instead for the services that the video-sharing platform is offering.

Starting with the following period, TrueView customers will only be charged if YouTube users will not skip the video or if they watch it for the entire duration. This pricing technique has been used before with some of Google’s clients, but it could become available for all advertisers in the future.

The Internet company plans to make significant improvements for their reviewing channels. These channels are responsible for a large percentage of sold items, which explains why Google will do its best to keep them attracting marketers.

Views on product reviewing videos have grown 50% since last year and Google analysts expect figures to continue to rise. The company is, therefore, trying to use this type of videos for brand recognition, as well.
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