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Google Destinations helps users plan every detail of a fun and exciting vacation.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Want to plan a new trip but you don’t wish to spend the extra money on a specialized agency? Fear no more because Google Destinations is your new travel agent. The app does everything an agent would, only faster and cheaper.

Usually, the money isn’t the biggest problem when it counts to planning a trip, but the actual planning is. People are more inclined to pass up on the opportunity of traveling someplace new because they don’t want to be buried in tons of research regarding hotels, restaurants, museums and other things that usually make up a vacation.

But Google is always one step ahead, and now it launched a new service that comes to the aid of people who love to travel, but hate to plan. Google Destinations is your new travel agent, and it doesn’t even require a fee.

According to the company’s official blog, in order to access the new Destinations feature, users must first type the location they are thinking about visiting followed by “destinations” in their smartphone’s search bar.

After doing so, the search result will show them the most attractive options. If the user taps on one of them, a new page will open. The window will offer necessary information from the weather to the hotels, price tickets, unique local features and even museum tickets prices and visiting hours.

Moreover, the Destinations feature can help users plan individual activities. For example, if you want to hike with the Komodo dragons in Indonesia, you search for “Indonesia dragon hiking destinations” and Google’s latest invention will show you all the places in Indonesia where you can hike with dragons. As a bonus, it will add other noteworthy attractions in the area, so you will be able to plan more fun activities in just a single day.

Furthermore, there is also a “Flexible Dates” option that offers users the possibility of searching for the best location to travel to in a particular period of a month.

Also, the “Plan a Trip” button that can be tapped once the details of a vacation are set takes the user to yet another page with flights schedules and prices. Tickets can be booked directly from the page.

Google Destinations is your new travel agent, and you can “meet” anytime you have a couple of minutes to spare. Either you’re waiting in line for coffee, or commuting, in just a few minutes you can be choosing your next vacation spot with the latest Google option.

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